AI Learning Assistant for Training Providers

Help learners find answers faster

Turn your LMS content into an AI learning assistant that instantly finds and shares the info your learners are looking for.

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10x increase in content consumption

Rapid deployment within one week

40% increase in productivity

“Our users can now get immediate answers, making learning an integral part of their daily routine.”

Fiona Coughlan, Coach & Facilitator at AchieveUnite

Why you need Mindset AI

70% of the training content hosted on LMS platforms never gets used - and 60% of LMS users say they can’t find the content they’re looking for. 

We make it easy for training providers to upgrade their training experience by turning their LMS content into a user-friendly, AI-powered chat interface. So users can ask questions and get the right answers in seconds. 

Before Mindset AI

Frustrating manual search

Content gathering dust

Undifferentiated product

After Mindset AI

10x increase in content consumption

Rapid deployment within one week

40% increase in productivity

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How does Mindset AI work?

Upload your content

You upload your LMS content archive to our systems.

Convert into chat

We analyse and repurpose that content into interactive dialogues (no manual editing required).

You gain access

We provide access to your ready-to-use chat interface via API or URL.

Reporting & analytics

You get deep reporting & analytics into what your employees are learning about and key skills gaps.

Deploys in just one week

Secure enterprise-level LLMs

Fully compliant

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”Our AI learning assistant helps learners to apply knowledge in real-time."

Fiona Coughlan, Coach & Facilitator at AchieveUnite

How will Mindset AI help you?

Find answers faster

No more skimming or skipping ahead to find the insights you need. Our system uses semantic search to find the exact timestamps and subsections of content that best answer your question.

Instant answers

Increased productivity

Less wasted time

More engaging experience

We turn static LMS archives into interactive conversations that offer instant answers in an engaging way. It’s as close as you can get to leaning over your desk and asking a team mate for help.

Increased content consumption

More engaged team

Improved knowledge sharing

Questions, not keywords

Conventional search depends on learners knowing what keywords to use. Our system interprets your questions and directs you to the right content, no matter what keywords you do or don’t use.

More useful search results

Improved training outcomes

Better product & ROI

We increase the utilisation and ROI of your training product so you can offer a better service, with increased retention and improved sales performance.

Increased sales

Improved retention

More future-proof service

Frequently Asked Questions

Speak to an AI expert

Fill out the form to get in touch with our team. We’ll arrange a time for you to speak to one of our training experts to discuss how you can help learners find answers faster using AI learning assistants.

Mindset AI Discovery Call

The Mindset platform is a modern, serverless architecture hosted by the Firebase PaaS, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).The advantage of this approach is that all security responsibility is held by Google, which is recognised as the industry leader in cloud platform security and compliance. All data is secured in transit and at rest by Google. GCP is a recognised industry leader in cloud security, holding ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, FedRAMP certifications, alignment with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and many other industry certifications.

All we need is your domain information so we can set up a branded URL. Brand guidelines will also be useful for making sure your application represents your brand identity. Once we create your application and brand it, you can start inputting your own content straight away.

Learners can access the application via web browser or mobile application by searching the app store. When navigating to the application for the first time, they will go through a series of pre-set questions as well as provide their email address for account creation. Once they have verified their email, they can use the learning assistant immediately.

You can watch our demo video or request a free trial.

Yes, you can control what access learners have by deciding whether you want them to view certain pieces of content or not. This enables you to share certain content with premium users, and more general content with other users.

You can easily manage as many companies as you like within the application, using our accounts feature. This enables certain groups of users, or companies to create their own content and be managed in silo if you choose.